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Honz Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a publicly listed company centered on medicines for children. It devotes to becoming the leading brand in the children’s healthcare industry in China.

Professional Production

Honz Pharma has five highly automated and intelligent manufacturing bases in Hainan, Beijing, Hebei, Liaoning, and Guangdong, and is constructing a new manufacturing base meeting the EU GMP standards in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

Innovative Research & Development

Honz Pharma emphasizes the R&D and innovation of products, has dedicated advanced equipment and exceptional R&D staff, and has invested hundreds of millions of RMB in this field.

Product Center

Honz Pharma has formed an integrated structure of products, created a successful line of children’s medicines centered on “Honz” branded products, and launched unique Honz star products such as “Ruizhiqing”, “Kangzhisong”, “Kangzhitai”,and “Jinlishuang”.

Social Responsibility

2011, Honz Pharma jointly founded the Honz Healthy Growth Foundation with the China Children and Teenagers Foundation, with the mission statement of taking care of the healthy growth of children.

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Honz will carry on the cooperate legacy of “Sincere, Caring, Innovative”, and shoulder the responsibility of caring for and supporting children’s health and well-being.

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Honz Healthy Growth Foundation
Let Every Child Has Healthy Glowing Cheeks!

Honz Pharma always caring for children’s healthy growth; the corporate jointly established Honz Healthy Growth Foundation with China Children and Teenagers' Fund on 23rd, September, 2011; aims to promote the concept of public welfare; initiates the whole society to attend and care for poor children, improves their current living situation, and builds up a public platform for children's healthy growth.

Ever since the first day of Honz Healthy Growth Foundation established, it was supported by many celebrities and public figures, millions of children were benefited through Honz Healthy Growth Libraries, children's health care program, home visits, donations and other forms of public welfare action.


Public Welfare Projects

Nutritional Lunch Allowance Plan is the first public project Honz Healthy Growth Foundation launched. Through free lunches, and promoting nutrition and health knowledge to public of less developed areas , the nutritional status and health level of children in those areas aremassively improved.

Honz Healthy Growth Foundation Free Lunch approaching to Puning, Guangdong
Honz Healthy Growth Foundation Free Lunch approaching to Danfeng, Shanxi
Honz Healthy Growth Foundation Nutritional Lunch Allowance Plan Donation Ceremony in Zhengzhou, Henan

“Home Visit Team located children in less developed areas as the objects to help, investigated and surveyed their nutritional, physical and mental health status at first hand, wrote the visiting journal, and revealed the content to public to create more social awareness.


During 2011-2014, Honz Healthy Growth Foundation launched “Home Visit Team” and “Nutritional Lunch Allowance Plan” in Shanxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Anhui, and Henan; these projects were supported by many public figures such as Lao Li Shi, Gao Min, Yang Yang, Qin Lan, and Zheng Li Na.

Olympic gold medalist Gao Min joined Home Visit Team
Olympic gold medalist Lao Li Shi joined Home Visit Team
Honz Healthy Growth Foundation “ Guangdong Puning Home Visit Trip”
Professional Dancer Yang Yang joined Home Visit Team

Since 2016, Honz Healthy Growth Foundation has been donated funding to set up several libraries in Guangdong, Hebei, Jiangxi, and Henan; hopes that through books to help the children in less developed areas to broaden their visions and enlighten their minds, in order to achieve better futures.


In 2017, Honz Healthy Growth Foundation intends to hold more than 20 times book donation events nationally, and plan to build up hundreds of Honz Healthy Growth Libraries within 3-4 years.

2017.4.26 Honz Healthy Growth Library was set up in Qinqshilin Primary School, Shandong
2017.4 Honz Healthy Growth Library was set up in Gaohu Primary School, Zhoukou, Henan
2017.3 Honz Healthy Growth Library was set up in Shejin Primary School, Ganzhou, Jiangxi
2016.11 Honz Healthy Growth Library was set up in Miaopu Primary School, BaoDing, Hebei
2016.10 Honz Healthy Growth Library was set up in Juntun Primary School, Puning, Guangdong
2016.10 Honz Healthy Growth Library was set up in Juntun Primary School, Puning, Guangdong

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